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Why can't optical fiber replace network cables at present?

Why Optical Fiber Hasn't Fully Replaced Network Cables Yet

Simply put, optical fiber can only be used for network transmission in actual use, but network cables are more than just network cables. Just like a blade can only cut, but scissors can not only cut but also cut.

optical fiber vs network cables

In the past, the most common decoration method was to use network cables as signal cables, such as telephone cables, monitoring cables, or some controller links, which could save a lot of costs, after all, there are 8 copper wires in the network cable.

Moreover, although the network cable is thin, it is very tough. Even if you don't use it as a wire, you can still use it to dry clothes or tie things up. At worst, you can sell it as scrap copper and get a good price.

I once had a batch of recycled Category 5 network cables, but they were too thin and did not meet the standards, so I kept them there. At that time, the price of copper was more than 30,000 yuan. Some time ago, I could sell them as scrap copper for 40 yuan per catty.

But optical fiber is completely different. Not only is it expensive, but it is also very fragile and can be easily broken and become useless if you are not careful. You know, construction sites are very wasteful, and throwing them there will only waste glass. Garbage stations and garbage recycling stations will not accept them...

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